Yoga for social change

Yoga is a powerful tool of change. One of my aims as a teacher is to spread this knowledge and to introduce more and more people to yoga, especially people that would not normally come across it, so that yoga can become a mean for social change.

There are lots of exciting possibilities! I am working on various projects to bring yoga out of the studio and into the streets directly to the people. If you are interested to participate in any of the projects below please get in touch.

Yogabeats Conflict Project
I am working with my teacher and friend David Sye from Yogabeats ™ on this project that aims tobring yoga to unprivileged areas and to use yoga as a tool for social cohesion and conflict resolution.

Yogabeats Conflict Project includes initiatives in the UK, specifically in London and Glasgow and abroad in Palestine. To read more visit

Yogabeats Conflict Project in Palestine
This project is part of the larger Yogabeats Conflict Project and aims at bringing yoga to Palestine as a mean for social reconciliation and peace.

Yoga is almost unknown in Palestine and there are no Palestinian yoga teachers. Israeli yoga teachers can’t cross the border to Palestine. David went to Palestine to teach yoga in 2004 and the joy and release that he saw in the eyes of the people who joined his classes convinced him to start the project in Palestine.

The main objective is to send yoga teachers into this conflict area on a regular basis for a 3 year period. The yoga teachers will teach yoga and train local yoga teachers so to leave a legacy for the community.

We are currently looking for funders and teachers willing to join us. You can read the manifesto here.

Yoga in the streets
I work with a group of London teachers to bring yoga out of the studios and into the streets directly to people. We organize events, normally in the streets of London, to involve passers by to take part in some spontaneous stretching. These events are a good opportunity to meet new people, stretch out in the sun and have fun.

Previous events: Yoga on Millennium Bridge (June 2008), Sun Salutation in the City (July 2008).

We are currently planning events for 2009, if you are interested to help or take part, get in touch.