Yoga for conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond

Yoga offers fantastic tools to use before, during and after pregnancy. Remember to always listen to your body and go with the flow…. Yoga can help you unwind, tone and relax!


These tailor made workshops can be organized at your convenience and can include yoga, breathing, massage, relaxation techniques, birthing positions and anything else you would like to cover regarding your pregnancy and birth.You and your partner will spend three hours in a relaxed atmosphere in your home or my studio and will be able to go of any fears and ask any questions you may have regarding the birth of your child. I will show you yoga and relaxation techniques that you can use before and during labour and give you ideas on how your partner can support and help you during this wonderful and unique time.

Cost: 3 hours, £90 for 1 couple and £150 for 2 couples.

Yoga before pregnancy

A toned body and a clear, relaxed mind create the perfect environment for conception.

Some specific yoga poses such as the head stand, the shoulder stand, the plough or the cobra are useful to help conception and to encourage the foetus to settle in the womb.

Yoga during pregnancy

The asanas help to ease tightness and tension from the muscles and the breathing techniques work on a deeper mental level to release fears, anxiety and bring calm and clarity to the mind.

Yoga is useful to prevent common pregnancy alignments such as backache, sciatica, insomnia and swollen hands and ankles and can help with heartburn, varicose veins , headaches and general anxiety. Women that have practised yoga during pregnancy are less likely to suffer from prolapsed organs, pelvic floor weakness or split muscles or to develop postnatal depression.

Pregnancy yoga includes specific positions and breathing that can be useful tools during labour to make both body and mind more comfortable.

Natural birth

Childbirth is a completely natural function of each woman’s body but fear and tension can make the process complicated. Yoga is useful to remind to the mind that the body knows what to do and has an inner ability to give birth naturally.

With pregnancy yoga we learn to tune into the body so we can listen to what the body wants and move accordingly during the birthing process. A regular yoga practice can encourage the body to relax and open but does not provide any guarantee of a natural or a perfect birth. Yoga helps the mind to relax and deal more easily with whatever is coming, embracing the experience and letting go.

After child birth

Postnatal yoga is great to bring the body back to its normal shape and tone. It’s a gentle way to lead muscles, organs and tendons back to their normal positions and size and also a great way to relax and recuperate. After the marathon of child birth your body and mind needs it!

Mum & baby yoga

Postnatal yoga can be practised with your newborn baby and this is a great way to take care of yourself and bond with your baby at the same time. Enjoy it.