Yoga Holiday MY-YOGA May 2017
Yoga Holiday MY-YOGA May 2017
Yoga Holiday MY-YOGA May 2017
Yoga Holiday MY-YOGA May 2017
Yoga Holiday MY-YOGA May 2017
Yoga Holiday MY-YOGA May 2017
Yoga Holiday MY-YOGA May 2017
Testimonial Yoga holiday MY-YOGA
Testimonial Yoga holiday MY-YOGA
Testimonial Yoga holiday MY-YOGA

Yoga Holidays

What better way to practice yoga than while on holiday? Combine the beneficial effects and you will come back totally re-energised!


 20-23 OCTOBER 2017

Come join us! Detoxing yoga, relaxing, shiatsu therpy, rejuvenating, healthy food and juices to cleanse. All this for you in the beautiful surroundings of Sardinia.

Enjoy daily open air yoga practice and meditation, relax in the beautiful garden, get pampered with the inclusive shiatsu therapy massage, experience the power of intention with yoga nidra and be nourished and rejuvenated with healthy vegetarian food and a day of cleansing juices. Join us for this long week end at Casa Namaste and feel the change!

About Casa Namaste

Casa Namaste is a unique eco-friendly country house set in beautiful Italian countryside and close to the sea (15 minutes’ walk). Come on board and be part of our family, enjoy the peaceful garden and the private pool and share one of our comfortable and cosy double and triple rooms. We offer three triple rooms and one double room. All the rooms have an en-suite bathroom with shower, air conditioning and wi-fi. Private free parking.

We care about the environment, we power the house with solar panels and strive to reuse and recycle! We have two wonderful and peaceful dogs, three adorable cats and some happy chickens that roam around our garden and give us delicious fresh eggs.

Everything is made with love at Casa Namaste, we want you to feel at home and relaxed and we welcome you with open arms.

Check out location and pictures of Casa Namaste:

Casa Namaste on Google map

About Our Yoga - How will yoga and Shiatsu support our detox?

We will work on many levels, on the body and mind. Yoga provides us with many tools to detox: asana, relaxation, breathing and cleansing techniques, so we will use a mixture of those.

Our asana practice will be mainly focused on our abdomen, the centre of energy in the body in traditional oriental medicine. Our digestive system is like a second brain and has a great impact on our overall health. We will use lots of twists to help our digestive system cleanse and rejuvenate, backbends to open and allow detoxification and some inversions to stimulate the heart. Cleansing pranayama techniques such as kapalabathi and fire breath will also be used to intensify the process.

We will experience the neti pot cleansing technique to purify our nasal passages and breathe better so to oxygenate the blood. If you have never tried it, it will definitely be an experience for you!

As part of your package you will receive a shiatsu therapy session which will work on a deep level on your system. Shiatsu is a holistic massage to rebalance energies in the body and stimulate its natural healing power. Shiatsu beautifully combines with yoga since it uses the same approach of wholeness and lots of therapeutic stretches and it is traditionally performed fully clothed on a mat on the floor.

We will also experience a sound bath and a yoga Nidra session, the yogic sleep that will help us to deeply relax and let changes settle in. Yoga Nidra gives you the opportunity to plant an intention for change deep in your subconscious.

Cost and how to book

The cost for this fantastic experience is £385 and includes board & lodging, all yoga classes & therapies (including Yoga nidra, sound bath, Neti pot experience and one shiatsu therapy session).

Non-refundable deposit to guarantee your space £150. Balance due by 18 September 2017.

Early booking: £365 if you book and pay in full by the 18 July 2017.

We can arrange airport pick up at extra cost (cost would depend on number of people sharing so please let us know if you would like to be picked up) or you can rent a car (we can help you group up to share that cost).

More info & Bookings: Contact Giuseppina on 07944416077 or via email on:

How to get there

The address is: Casa Namaste, Perd'e Sali, strada 6, 09018 Sarroch (CA ) Italy

Fly to Cagliari airport (EasyJet has cheap flights from London Stansted to Cagliari). Book early for the best deals!

Casa Namaste is 30 minutes’ drive from Cagliari.

We would recommend to rent a car since it would be cheaper than pick up at the airport and you have the flexibility to explore the island. We can help you group up so that you can share rental costs if you like. Otherwise we can arrange airport pick up at extra cost (cost would depend on number of people sharing so please let us know if you would like to be picked up).

What to bring

Sun glasses, sun screen and swim suit (we are dancing for good weather!) but also a rain coat just in case!

Comfortable clothes but not too baggy. Warm socks, a cosy blanket and a jumper for the early mornings and relaxations.

Walking shoes and flip flops.

Yoga mats and beach towels are provided at the venue but you are welcome to bring your own.

A good book, your crystals, essences and anything that makes you feel good!

Yourself just as you are!

Our Yoga Holiday Schedule

Friday 20/10/17

15:30 welcome vegetable juice, tea and fruit

17:30-19:00 detoxing open air yoga practice

19.30 vegetarian dinner

21:30-22:00 meditation + sound bath

Saturday 21/10/17 – juice day

6:45 Tea & fruit available

7:00 Walk to see the sunrise and meditation by the sea

8:30-10:00 open air yoga practice

10:30 morning juice

Free time & massages

13:30 lunch time juice 

17:30-19:00 open air yoga practice

19.30 dinner juice

20:30 Yoga nidra

Sunday 22/10/17

7:30 Tea & fruit

8:30-10:00 open air yoga practice and

10:00 cleansing neti pot

11:00 brunch

Free time & massages

13:30 Juice

17:30-19:00 open air yoga

19.30 vegetarian dinner

Relaxing, chatting, socializing

Monday 23/10/17

7:30 Tea & fruit

8:30-9:30 yoga

10:00 Brunch & goodbyes