MY-YOGA Holiday May 2017
MY-YOGA Holiday May 2017
MY-YOGA Holiday May 2017
MY-YOGA Holiday May 2017
MY-YOGA Holiday May 2017
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA
Kids Yoga 2017 Testimonial MY-YOGA



"The foundation course exceeded my expectations, the combination of yoga theory, practice and relaxation was great. At the end of each class I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off. I'm more relaxed, happy and at peace with myself. Couldn't recommend it enough!" Magda July 2015

"The course was very enjoyable and not itimidating and more relaxing that I had anticipated. It exceeded my expectations. The best thing is having Giuseppina as the teacher, she is very encouraging, patient and positive. Thank you so much!" Dominique July 2015

"The course was perfect! Giuseppina is a lively and sensitive teacher. She makes learning yoga fun but crucially introduces elements of yoga philosophy as well as meditation and pranayama which are so lacking in general yoga classes." Hema July 2015


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the Yoga Nidra sessions with you.  They have made a significant, positive difference to my life and how I feel inside about almost everything.  I cannot tell you in words how valuable they are to me.  Having the CD enables me to practise the Nidra once a week, but attending a session with you is even more powerfully positive and like receiving a special present after work." Liz, Feb2017

"Omar and I were just feeling so positive after the Birth Workshop we invested in lavender oils and doing the massage every night. I went into slow early labour and I ended up in hospital as baby’s movements had reduced. They wanted to induce me. I had to be firm and assertive and stand my ground with this. Something I learnt to do from your workshop. So off I went home and the following day baby's movements were back to normal and I was in labour!  Baby Zachary was born on Friday 25th. I got the birth I wanted, no interventions with the delivery and even the midwife commented on Omar's massage technique. It was a very peaceful environment, the lights were kept off and I was allowed to labour at my own speed. Now our lives are turned upside down with a newborn!! Thanks again for the workshop." Charlene Nov 2016 


"The visualization had a very profound effect on my teenage daughter Yasmine, she was pitcuring our home in Egypt and struggling to control the tears. I think that's marvellous, so thank you for your wonderful, positive classes". Lisa, December 2015

"Thanks for the lovely classes, you are a great teacher. I always feel great after the class, emotionally and physically!". Fiona, December 2015

"Giuseppina's yoga class is a combination of energetic movements and blissful stillness. Whenever I come into class in bits I come out feeling whole again, fulfilled and liberated. Today the focus was on letting go- brilliant. Thank you!" Sara, dance teacher June 2015

“I love Giuseppina's dynamic yoga class. It's perfect for relaxing, but also tough enough to be a real workout. No matter what kind of day I've had I know that if I go along to this class it will make everything right with the world. Giuseppina is great at sensing the energy levels in the room and tailoring the practise to just where you need it to be. Also, it's set to music and if you're really lucky you'll get an extra special neck massage during final relaxation. Perfect.” Tamsyn, November 2014

"Giusepina's class is always a joy. She's hugely energetic and full of positive energy. She combines flow and movement with strength and control postures, all to gorgeous music. Highly recommended!" Jessica, October 2014

“I look forward to escaping to Giuseppina's class!! It is a wonderful way to escape the world for 90 mins. The class is fun, relaxing and different each week.” Emma, October 2014

“ I just wanted to say thank you for another brilliant yoga class, highlighted even more so this morning as it was the first time in about a year that I’ve woken up without a pain in my wrist – and it’s feeling much stronger – such a delight. Thanks again!” Divinia, May 2013

“Exhilarating and relaxing. I felt like I was floating” Elisabeth

“After the class I felt energised and relaxed” Carlo

“During Giuseppina’s classes you will undertake a small journey within yourself from deep relaxation to complete stress relief and boost of energy for your mind and body” Rossana

“Wonderfully relaxed and gentle yoga, which allows you to see just what your body is capable of without pushing or feeling any pressure” Sylvia

“I very highly recommend the course. Thank you very much for this fun - relaxing time!” Rossana

“After taking this course my core strength and flexibility are tangibly better” Andrew

“Very relaxed atmosphere and with a great selection of music!” Felicity

“I can already feel the benefits, not only in my physical body but my mental wellbeing” Sylvia

“Giuseppina is a very enthusiastic teacher, and her classes are a very pleasant and precious time for me” Rossana

“I have really enjoyed my yoga classes with Giuseppina. The classes are relaxing, informative and fun, and Giuseppina does a great job of introducing new techniques whilst ensuring that we learn the basics at our own pace.” Sam

“Giuseppina brings yoga to life for me!” Felicity

“Giuseppina made learning yoga a really enjoyable experience. She is very welcoming and knowledgeable, and I always leave her classes feeling relaxed, calm, and ready to face the world!” Sarah


"I had a great experience with Giuseppina´s yoga classes. It helped me to keep my mind clear during my stay at the hospital. I had an emergency C-Section and breathing properly was the key to bear the previous induction pain. Maternity yoga has also speeded my recovery as I felt physically strong enough to resume normal life", Marta Jan 2015

“I have found MY-YOGA pregnancy classes to be very relaxing and. It has been a real opportunity to meet other mothers to be, have some gentle exercise with fantastic instruction from Giuseppina. All the equipment is provided so you do not have to bring anything to the class and you are guaranteed to feel relaxed at the end of it all. Giuseppina also gives you some really good breathing tips and things to do in labour too. I would recommend this class to any mum to be”, Rachel, Nov 2014

“I found the pregnancy yoga class very relaxing and informative - a great preparation for birth. I also made some great friends that I have continued to stay in touch since having our babies. I would definitely recommend this class to expectant mothers.” Amy, November 2014

"I was lucky to find Giuseppina at this important stage of my life. I did pregnancy yoga with her and it was an amazing experience and I always felt so relaxed after every lesson.  She teaches you how to prepare your body for birth and also how to deal with issues that occur along the pregnancy, in my case constant heartburn and leg cramps!!   It was great that in every class I was able to fully relax, understand your body and the most wonderful thing connect with my baby!! I truly recommend her and her lessons and if I have another baby I will be there no doubt!! Thank you for everything you taught me." Adriana, October 2014

"Pregnancy yoga helped me alleviating back ache and general aches of being pregnant. After each session I always felt relaxed and calm. The class is very relaxed and Giuseppina is a very encouraging teacher who will ensure you practice safely and at your own pace. I feel the class helped me through my labour, specifically through the breathing technique I learnt. Thanks again Giuseppina and look forward to attending your other classes". Annalie, September 2014

"I really enjoyed pregnancy yoga with Giuseppina and would definitely recommend it. It was great to do some exercise tailored for pregnant women and focused in such a positive way on the labour. The classes had a really relaxing atmosphere and it was lovely to meet other expectant mums as well". Katherine, October 2013

"I really enjoyed pregnancy yoga with Giusepina, it was nice to make time each week to relax and bond with my bump. I always left feeling energised. The breathing and massage techniques she taught us really helped when I was in labour." Sarah, September 2013

“The pregnancy yoga really made a difference. I was quite stressed before my due date and I had a private yoga session with Giuseppina (which also included some lovely massage!) and I felt reassured and relaxed. The following day I gave birth to Olivia, labour was pretty swift, normal healthy delivery. Thanks Giuseppina will definitely keep in touch, you have made me appreciate yoga and I’m going to continue as part of my life going forward…” Margaret, February 2013

"Thank you for the pregnancy yoga classes! I really do think they helped tremendously” Jasmine

“The pregnancy yoga classes with Giuseppina helped a lot. During the early stages of labour, I was able to manage without painkillers thanks to the breathing and relaxing techniques we learnt. The pelvic floor exercises were very useful after delivery too” Marie

“I took pregnancy yoga with Giuseppina twice per week during my last month of pregnancy and I swear by it! It really helped calm my mind and to connect with my pregnant body, my baby, and to prepare for labour. When I started labour I was doing her yoga exercises at home all day until my water broke. I then rushed to the hospital and delivered in less than two hours! I really want to recommend her as a teacher, she has such a calming effect and efficient way of teaching, offers lots of personal advice and changes the class to fit to the participant’s needs, exactly what you need when you are pregnant!” Sara Beatrice


"We loved the relaxed and joyful atmosphere of the mum and baby yoga.  Sayaka enjoyed sensory stimulation and movement such as tummy time and rolling while I enjoyed the moment for myself. The baby massage techniques we practiced were also very useful. I always felt so positive and calm after the class. I would highly recommend Giuseppina's class to everyone.” Tomoko and Sayaka, November 2014

"Mum and baby yoga was lovely to bond with my baby and learn some baby yog poses and massage techniques. It was good to have a proper stretch once a week especially after breastfeeding." Sarah and Arya, September 2014

"Thanks so much for all the mum and baby classes, Sasha and I really enjoyed them!", Claire and Sasha, March 2014

"Lucy and I have both really enjoyed your classes from Lucy being 8 weeks to 9 months. It definitely helped me to regain strength and flexibility after giving birth, and helped both energise and relax me. I loved the mix of activity for mum and for baby, and how responsive you were to the babies' mood on the day." Jenny and Lucy

"Finding Giuseppina and her mum and baby yoga classes was the best thing that happened to me while on maternity leave. She's the best yoga teacher, and I always come away from her classes full of positive energy and extra respect for me and my body. My son still loves practising yoga and when he was tiny it was a great way to feel more confident about what we could both do together." Olivia and Marcus


"I just wanted to say thank you for teaching Luke. He's clearly enjoyed yoga and taking on board your principles. It's hard to get any detail on school life from him but he does chat about yoga often." Maggie (Luke's mum) Dec 2016

"Miles gained self awareness, flexibility, strength and an ability to quiet his mind with his yoga experience at Grange Primary with Giuseppina. Most of all, he looked forward to it every week and would proudly show his yogi momma what he learned. Namaste. " Miles’ Mum Sep 2016

“We love going to toddler yoga with Giuseppina my daughter sings the sun salutation song all the time at home and is always looks forward to going to the class.” Sarah, June 2015

"I like yoga because it make me feel relaxed. I like yoga so much!" Maxime, age 6, Dec 2015

"At first I was unsure if my daughter Summer would have been able to participate fully in the yoga classes since she has mild Down Syndrome and her concentration is not good sometimes, but she is really enjoying the classes and she has been able to show me what she has learnt. I think it has helped her awareness of her body and her breathing". Melanie (Summer's mum), Nov 2015