Shiatsu Congress 2014 - What a great time!

Shiatsu Congress 2014

What an inspiring and lovely time! The Shiatsu Congress this year took place in the Lake District, what a great setting for the event, I feel recharged, calmer and energized. The beauty of the Lakes, the calm and openness of the air up there and the contrast of the grey handmade walls with the vibrant green of the hills makes me feel alive :-).

We had lots of fun and lots of opportunities to explore ourselves and enrich our shiatsu practice. The Congress is a great opportunity to meet other shiatsu practitioners and to network and here I would really like to encourage all the shiatsu practitioners to come along next year since it’s a lovely opportunity to do something different and interesting and also a time to freshen up our practice. Sometimes, in fact, we get a bit comfortable in the way we practice and it is nice to be inspired by different ideas and a different way of working.

It is so nice too, as a shiatsu practitioner and yoga teacher, to take some time for myself and to connect with other colleagues. In my work I’m always thinking about the other, giving, and it so important to allocate some time for yourself to receive and be inspired, so thanks to the Shiatsu Society for organizing this successful event!

So here it is what I did up in the Lakes:

  • Barefoot qigong early in the morning on lovely moist grass. Very grounding
  • Interesting workshops (see details below)
  • Heart opening walks, breathing in the freshness of the Lakes
  • Lovely shiatsu swaps
  • 5 rhythm dance. Exploring movement and emotions
  • Meeting new colleagues and reconnecting with old ones
  • Party! Ceilidh Band. So much fun, I did not know I could dance!
  • Sumptuous breakfasts :-)

And if you want to know more details about the workshops and my thoughts about them, read below:

  • Giving Shiatsu with an open heart

This workshop focused on our heart centre reminding us of the importance of nourishing and connecting with it. In shiatsu we normally work with the hara (the belly) and we get a little obsessed with it maybe, taking our attention away from the other centres. In this workshop we were reminded of how the heart is, in fact, the connection between the hara and the head and therefore important to balance the two out. It was actually lovely to give and receive shiatsu with an open heart since you could focus 100% on your intuition, just letting the treatment flow by itself.

  • Treating back pain with Shiatsu

Very interesting approach of treating back pain from side and supine rather than from prone as you would traditionally do. Also interesting technique of working quite fast along the areas of pain and to constantly get feedback from the client while doing so. Great emphasis on rotations, which I love anyway, to readjust the joints and length of legs, suggestion to do at least 20 rotations, which I will definitely apply in my practice.

  • 5 Elements

So glad to have opted for this workshop since it was very well thought and in the open air. Connecting to the elements in the open was inspiring and, having chosen to explore the Wood element, being in the woods was definitely the right place! Connecting with the trees and taking the time to watch and feel has made me realize that I have to let my Wood creativity guide me without worry or restraints.

  • Table Shiatsu

Very useful workshop that made me realize how easy it is to apply the shiatsu principles to working on a table. Very useful if clients can’t lay on the floor or prefer being on a table for various reasons. I thought that the reminder to use gravity was very useful, since gravity becomes an advantage when working on a table, which we can’t use when working on the floor.

The Shiatsu Congress is organized yearly in a different location by the Shiatsu Society