Shavasana - the corpse pose

Shavasana is an essential part of practicing yoga since it allows you to integrate the changes from the practice, all your muscles, tendons and joints have a chance to rest and release before you get back to your day to day.

Shavasana at the beginning

In MY-YOGA classes we experience shavasana not only at the end of the class but at the beginning as well. This is because I believe lying down and closing your eyes, listening to the rhythm of your breath, is a great help to let go of your day and to focus on the here and now, so preparing for the practice. Shavasana gives you the chance to take some time for yourself, tune in and relax prior to the practice.

I also normally always use the same music since this gives the brain a subtle instant message to relax as soon as that music is played. (This is actually a little trick you can try yourself and have a piece of music that you listen to when you relax and then you will be able to use it if you want to instantly relax!)

Shavasana during the class

I use mini shavasana during the class too! This is because the body sometimes needs a quick rest after some more strenuous poses or flows so that it can easily recuperate and be ready for the next asana. And it’s so lovely to give yourself a couple of breaths to refocus too!

Shavasana at the end

At the end of the class shavasana gives the body the chance to integrate the changes. It’s such a vital part of the practice. These days we are always busy and rushing to do something and shavasana gives you the chance of do nothing and simply be. Some of us find this quite a challenge since we are so used to doing and being has become a difficult concept, but this is one of the main message of yoga… let go and be who you are!

So enjoy your shavasana, this pose if a great gift of yoga, enjoy it at the beginning, during, at the end of the class and every time you fancy!