Pregnancy Oil Massage and Shiatsu

Allow yourself to relax and unwind during your pregnancy with this soothing massage that will treat your whole body. This treatment is tailored for the expectant mother’s needs and can include shiatsu techniques for specific complaints.

Using a combination of gentle stroking, massage and pressure points, the pregnancy oil massage will help you tune in with your body and baby. Your body will be properly positioned and supported during the whole duration to ensure comfort and safety for you and your baby. We will use gorgeous oils to clear the mind and relax the body and various positions to keep you completely comfortable. I will also show you some techniques that you will be able to practice with the help of your partner before and during labour.

Cost: £50 for 1 hour. Possible home treatments at extra cost.

Benefits of Pregnancy Oil Massage and Shiatsu

  • Time for mum to be to totally unwind and connect with baby
  • Deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Can be tailored to the various stages of pregnancy to suit the different needs
  • Can help relieve common pregnancy complaints such as backache, oedema, sciatica and tiredness
  • Can help to get labour started using specific shiatsu points

"The pregnancy massage with Giuseppina was relaxing and complete. I chose the combination of oil massage and Shiatsu and I felt released of my back pain and stress. Needless to say I slept like a baby that night and next day felt great. Noticeable effects lasted days after the massage. I will repeat the experience very soon." Marta, October 2014.

"I found the pregnancy massage great for relieving tension in the back & shoulder area and general relaxation. Giuseppina took time to understand the problem areas and tailored the session accordingly along with giving lots of tips for managing common pregnancy problems. I felt relaxed, enjoyed the session and would surely go back" Sindu, June 2014

“I was quite stressed and tired that day but after having the pregnancy massage I felt totally rejuvenated and relaxed, my baby liked it a lot too!” Adele, April 2012

“This was my first pregnancy massage and it was such a great experience, Giuseppina worked the whole body giving special attention to my lower back. I felt completely relaxed and baby wouldn’t stop moving which felt amazing! We both really enjoyed it!” Susana, Jan 2012

Postnatal Oil Massage and Shiatsu

Take some time for yourself after the birth of your baby with a soothing postnatal treatment.

We will look at relieving tension from your neck and shoulders, at helping you reposition your internal organs and pelvic bones after birth and at relaxing your whole body, so that you feel stronger and healthy. We will use oils and specific shiatsu points to get rid of tiredness and anxiety. Taking proper care of yourself is essential for your wellbeing so that you will feel more capable and relaxed to take care of your newborn!

You are welcome to take your baby with you in my cosy treatment room or you can also bring your partner or a friend to look after your baby while you have your massage.

Cost: £50 for 1 hour. Possible home treatments at extra cost.

Benefits of Postnatal Oil Massage and Shiatsu

  • Time for yourself
  • Deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation
  • Can help to repositions organs and bones after the birth of your baby
  • Can help relieve tension from shoulders and neck, especially if breastfeeding
  • No need to leave your newborn at home if you don’t want to, you can have him/her with you if you like

"The feeling of my postnatal massage with Giuseppina was gorgeous and lasted for a couple of days afterwards. I like the smell of the oil she uses for the massage" Marta Feb 2015