Mum and baby Yoga - a gift for you and your baby

Having a baby rocks your world! During this special time it is very important to have support and to know that you are not alone since the responsibility of taking care of your baby can sometimes seem overwhelming! So it’s important to meet other mums, to share your thoughts, to spend nice and relaxed quality time with your baby and especially to take care of yourself, understanding and accepting with love the changes in your body. Finding a suitable and lovely activity to do with your baby can be a very good step for you and your newborn.

In a mum and baby yoga class you will find a safe environment where you can unwind, explore your body and connect with your baby, getting to know them and bonding in a fun and relaxed way. We practice specifically designed postnatal yoga and baby tailored yoga, so the class is both for you and your baby.

Postnatal yoga is great to bring the body back to its normal shape and tone, it is a gentle way to lead muscles, organs and tendons back to their normal positions and size and also a great way to relax and recuperate. After the marathon of child birth your body and mind needs it! We practice breathing to reshape and resize the abdomen, pelvic floor work to strengthen, twists and forward bends to reknit muscles and most important we start and finish the class with relaxation. Mums are encouraged to take few minutes for themselves listening to their breath while baby relaxes on a blanket (and I’m always happy to help with babies if they are unhappy so that mum can take that deserved rest!). Resting is an essential part of the postnatal period but it’s not always easy to find the time, therefore it is so important for me to include it in the class, offering mums the possibility to recharge.

In baby yoga we gently lead babies into yoga positions, this helps them to get to know their body and feel more comfortable with it and, as they develop, will help with their mobility and coordination. We practice various poses and moves for your baby: inversions will help to unravel their spine, gentle twists and work on their tummy will help with their digestion relieving wind, colics and constipation, manipulation of their toes and fingers will stimulate their immune system, gentle rotations will help their hips’ development and the sounds in the class will grasp their attention and help them to start to focus.

All of this is done using the yoga principle of “Ahimsa” (non violence), this means that both mum and baby are not forced to follow the class rhythm, on the contrary, they are encouraged to find their own rhythm. If mum or baby are not in the mood, they can simply watch and relax and then practice at home if they wish, or if baby needs a feed or a change during the class we follow their needs and if baby is asleep we leave him or her sleeping, no need to wake up to practice! The techniques are simple and gentle and they can be practiced at home too, giving new mums great tools for bonding and playing together in their own space and time.

Yoga is a gift for you and your baby!

When I look at testimonials I feel grateful as a yoga teacher for being able to make a difference, especially during these unique time when new mums are getting to know their babies. It is such a blessing doing this work and I wanted to finish this blog by sharing a couple of my favourite testimonials here:

“Lucy and I have both really enjoyed your classes from Lucy being 8 weeks to 9 months. It definitely helped me to regain strength and flexibility after giving birth, and helped both energise and relax me. I loved the mix of activity for mum and for baby, and how responsive Giuseppina was to the babies' mood on the day." Jenny and Lucy

"Finding Giuseppina and her mum and baby yoga classes was the best thing that happened to me while on maternity leave. She's the best yoga teacher, and I always come away from her classes full of positive energy and extra respect for me and my body. My son still loves practicing yoga and when he was tiny it was a great way to feel more confident about what we could both do together." Olivia and Marcus

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you soon at a mum and baby class!