Fun and informal classes combining the traditional Hatha postures with a dynamic element that creates a lovely flow of vitality and spontaneity. You will feel healthy and refreshed!

"Thanks for the lovely classes, you are a great teacher. I always feel great fter the class emotionally and physically!" Fiona December 2015

"Giuseppina's yoga class is a combination of energetic movements and blissful stillness. Whenever I come into class in bits I come out feeling whole again, fulfilled and liberated. Today the focus was on letting go- brilliant. Thank you!" Sara, dance teacher June 2015

Tuesdays 8:00 to 9:15 pm  

Where: Brentside High School, Greenford Avenue, Hanwell, London, W7 1JJ. Free parking. Sign in at the gate near the football pitch.

Thursdays 9:30 to 10:45 am

Where: Studio 1, Pamela Howard School of Dance, 141 Broadway W13 9BE. Please not: entrance from the rear

Cost: £12 pay as you go or £50 for 5 classes (with the 5 class package classes need to be booked in and a 24h cancellation notice applies)

Classes are limited to 10 people, please call or email to confirm availability. Some yoga mats and equipment are provided but please bring your yoga mat or let me know if you don't have one.

The classes are suitable for anyone with an interest in yoga.  Please wear comfortable clothing but not too baggy and try not eat before the practice.

Please let me know if you have any specific health conditions such as high blood pressure, slip disk, recent surgeries, back pain, stress or any concerns regarding joining the class.

I also offer private classes to be organized at your convenience for individuals or a small group, if interested in this option please contact me.

What do the classes cover?

  • Relaxation and yogic breathing
  • Asanas (yoga postures) and micro movements technique
  • Tuning your body techniques
  • Basic pranayama (breath control)

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is a great tool to get to know your body:

During our day to day we often assume and hold uncomfortable positions without even realizing it, which create stiffness and possibly lead to pain and misalignment. Yoga can gently correct that by bringing us back to our body so that we have awareness of how we move and stand.

Yoga can help you relax and focus:

Our busy mind never rests and often takes us on crazy spins. Yoga can help you to center, letting go of your thoughts and focus on the here and now. The breathing tecniques and relaxation are particularly effective for this purpose.

Yoga can alleviate common complaints:

Back ache, sciatica, digestive complaints, edema, stress, anxiety and many imbalances can be alleviated with yoga. Yoga is an holistic practice that can rebalance and strengthen body and mind.

What happens in a MY-YOGA class?

The class starts by listening to the body with some relaxation and yogic breathing and then we “tune in” using a combination of gentle but energetic warm-ups to prepare for the asanas (yoga postures).

We practice asanas that build stamina and at the same time allow us to watch what’s going on with our body. We are exploring and playing with our body in a relaxed and fun environment using a lovely flow from one pose to the other and lots of therapeutic rotations. Music usually helps us take the journey further, we engage all our senses, creating vitality and joy both physical and mental.

Each class ends with pranayama and final relaxation. Pranayama is an ancient practice to channel and replenish energies using the breath, the final relaxation allows both body and mind to adjust to the positive changes from the practice.

At the end you will feel relaxed, energised and happy!