sunset from capomiseno


Shiatsu Congress 2014
Added: 25/08/2014

What an inspiring and lovely time! The Shiatsu Congress this year took place in the Lake District, what a great setting for the event, I feel recharged, calmer and energized. The beauty of the Lakes, the calm and openness of the air up there and the contrast of the grey handmade walls with the vibrant green of the hills makes me feel alive...

Added: 06/03/2014

Shavasana is an essential part of practicing yoga since it allows you to integrate the changes from the practice, all your muscles, tendons and joints have a chance to rest and release before you get back to your day to day.

Shavasana at the beginning

In MY-YOGA classes we experience shavasana not only at the end...

Added: 23/02/2014

Having a baby rocks your world! During this special time it is very important to have support and to know that you are not alone since the responsibility of taking care of your baby can sometimes seem overwhelming! So it’s important to meet other mums, to share your thoughts, to spend nice and relaxed quality time with your baby and especially...